Tobias Kassung

Composer & guitarist, artistic director

Tobias Kassung is one of the most prominent German guitarists of his generation. As a composer and arranger he is dedicated to expanding the borders of his instrument in classical chamber music.

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Lena Kravets


Lena Kravets, born in Tashkent, lives in Cologne and works as a freelance musician. Since 2011 she has been a member of the Cologne Classical Ensemble, where she established the Duo Kravets-Kassung. She also plays cello in the Astor Trio.

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Alexander Prushinskiy

Violin, musical director

Alexander Prushinskiy is one of the most sought after violinists of the younger generation in Germany. Since 2009 he has been leading the Dortmunder Philharmoniker as First Concertmaster.

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Stanislav Anischenko

Double bass

The twice ARD-laureate Prof. Stanislav Anischenko is one of the exceptional double bass players of his generation.

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Luciano Marziali


Luciano Marziali is without a doubt one of the most creative and imaginative classical guitarists of his generation. For more than twenty years he has been delighting his audience with the combination of demanding, classical repertoire with entertaining music, which he always arranges and interprets with skill and virtuosity.

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Risto Rajakorpi


The Finnish cellist Risto Rajakorpi is one of the very sought-after chamber musicians. Born in 1970 in Finland, he studied at the Sibelius Academy in Helsinki with Arto Noras and at the Robert-Schumann-Hochschule in Düsseldorf with Prof. Goritzki.

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Jola Shkodrani


Jola Shkodrani was born into a family of artists in Tirana. As a passionate chamber musician, she plays with numerous renowned ensembles in North Rhine-Westphalia as well as with chamber orchestras such as the Folkwang Chamber Orchestra Essen, the Classical Philharmonic Bonn and the Ravenna Festival Orchestra under Riccardo Muti.

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Svetlana Shtraub


Born into a family of musicians in 1979 in Kazakhstan, Svetlana Straub received her first violin lessons with six years.

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Aliaksandr Senazhenski


Born in 1981 in Mogiliow (Belarus), Aliaxandr Senazhenski started lessons on the violin at the age of seven as a pupil of Ludmila Osipowa and Igor Deschko.

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Sabine Knappstein

Organizational management

Sabine Knappstein has been the ensemble's organizational director since the Cologne Classical Ensemble was founded in 2003.

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Our CD recordings

All albums by our artists and ensembles are published exclusively by KSG Exaudio. Order the CDs conveniently here using our online form, each for 15 euros including postage within Germany, excluding postage outside Germany.

67025 Titel small    67033 Titel small   67036 Titel small    67040 Il Cinema front small 
Astor Trio:
Bach & Piazzolla
Order-No.: KSG 67025
  Astor Trio:
Gershwin & deFalla
Order-No.: KSG 67033
  Duo Kravets-Kassung:
Lieder Songs & Canciones
Order-No.: KSG 67036
  Duo Kassung-Marziali:
Il Cinema
Order-No.: KSG 67040
 67037 Titel small   ksgexaudio67010 small    ksgexaudio67018 small   ksgexaudio67003 small 
Luciano Marziali:
Mia amata Italia
Order-No.: KSG 67037
  Tobias Kassung:
Five Centuries
Order-No.: KSG 67010
  Luciano Marziali:
Spanish & Latinamerican music
Order-No.: KSG 67018
  Tobias Kassung:
Bach, Villa-Lobos & Walton
Order-No.: KSG 67003