Tobias Kassung

Composer & guitarist, artistic director

Tobias Kassung is one of the most prominent German guitarists of his generation. As a composer and arranger he is dedicated to expanding the borders of his instrument in classical chamber music.

In 2003 he founded the Kölner Klassik Ensemble, for which he remains the Artistic Director. Together with violinist Alexander Prushinskiy and double bass player Stanislav Anischenko he forms the Astor Trio. As an ardent chamber musician he also plays regularly duo concerts with cellist Lena Kravets and guitarist Luciano Marziali. His concerts have led him through Europe, Russia, the United States, South America, Japan, Australia and the Arabian Peninsula.
He is also active as a composer of solo works, chamber music and film music. He has released eight CDs with Sony Classical and KSG Exaudio and his arrangements and compositions have been published by Tonos (Darmstadt) and KSG Edition (Köln). His concerts and compositions have been broadcast on several TV and radio stations, such as, ARD, WDR, SWR, HR and Bayerische Rundfunk.

In 2009, together with Hubert Käppel, he founded KSG Exaudio, a label for chamber music specializing in outstanding recordings. Tobias Kassung is particularly involved in cultural and socio-political matters: as spokesman for the Initiative Klassik Köln (IKK) and as artistic director of the Hardtberg guitar concerts in Bonn as well as since 2020 of the Chamber concerts at the Kunstverein Cologne.

Born in Koblenz in 1977, he studied with Prof. Hubert Käppel at the Hochschule für Musik Köln and graduated with honours in 2003. A scholarship granted by the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) enabled him to complete his studies with Simon Dinnigan at the Royal Birmingham Conservatoire of Music and later with Antigoni Goni at the Royal Conservatory of Music in Brussels. Working as a free composer and musician he lives today in Cologne together with his wife - cellist Lena Kravets.

Compsitions (selection):

  • Capriccio à la lumière du sud, Op. 16 für Violoncello und Gitarre, ISWC: T-300.522.753-8
  • Fantasia Baltica, Op 15 für Gitarre Solo, ISWC: T-804.118.268-8
  • Variationen auf ein russisches Volkslied, Op. 14 für Violoncello und Gitarre (2016) T-803.750.988-0
  • Buenos Aires Fantasie I, Op. 13 für Violine, Gitarre und Kontrabass (2016) ISWC: T-803.686.646-4
  • Summertime - Homage to Joe Pass, Op. 12 für Gitarre Solo (2015) ISWC: T-803.610.767-3
  • Aria, Op. 11 für vier Violoncelli (2015) ISWC: T-803.608.135-4
  • Il Cinema, Op. 10 für zwei Gitarren (2013/rev.2014) ISWC: T-803.239.530-6
  • Intermezzo, Op. 9 für Violine, Gitarre und Kontrabass (2011) ISWC: T-802.901.836-9
  • Variations on Handel, Op. 8 für Violine, Gitarre und Kontrabass (2010) ISWC: T-802.776.025-5
  • Sonata Nr. 1, für Gitarre Solo (2009) ISWC: T-802.640.093-2
  • Bernardas Töchter, Filmmusik (2008) ISWC: T-802.621.908-0
  • TABU – Musik für Kammerorchester in 8 Szenen, Op. 6 (2007) ISWC: T-802.496.606-2
  • Mondnacht für Sopran und Gitarre (2008) ISWC: T-802.496.604-0
  • Vier kleine szenische Stücke (2004) Jours d’un Automne ISWC: T-801.845.210-4
  • Vier kleine szenische Stücke (2004) Chant triste ISWC: T-802.275.919-0
  • Vier kleine szenische Stücke (2004) Vor dem Meer ISWC: T-802.345.427-6
  • Vier kleine szenische Stücke (2004) Blütentanz ISWC: T-802.345.425-4

Next Concerts Tobias Kassung

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