The new year 2023 started at the Chamber Concerts at the Kunstverein with the big anniversary concert celebrating the 20th anniversary of the Kölner Klassik Ensemble. In four concerts spread throughout the year, you will again be able to experience absolute top ensembles from Cologne and NRW up close in the Riphahn Hall at the Kölnischer Kunstverein.

Our 2nd concert with the Duo Nerses will take place on 29 April. The audience can expect a breathtakingly virtuoso concert that knows absolutely no boundaries of genres and masterfully finds its very own form of expression. In addition to great jazz works such as Claude Bolling's Suite and the Concerto by Randall Woolf, famous classical melodies and even an AC/DC classic such as Thunderstruck will be presented in a highly sophisticated and entertaining manner. Flutist Nerses Ohanyan and accordionist Miroslav Nisic are gifted exceptional musicians - Miroslav already thrilled the Cologne audience to standing ovations as an accordionist with his quartet UWAGA the year before last!

This year, however, we urgently need your personal support! After three years, our funding from the state of NRW and the RheinEnergie Stiftung Kultur has come to an end. Unfortunately, the Kunststitung NRW has also not extended the funding beyond one year, so that we are now only able to maintain this series this year thanks to the support of the Cultural Office of the City of Cologne and our private friends and sponsors. However, this is not possible without cuts in the programme. Thus, from this year on, we will only be able to organise four concerts at the Kunstverein instead of six. As usual, however, you will again be able to experience thrilling and exceptional top musicians from Cologne and NRW.
In addition, the rent for our hall has also been raised due to higher operating costs and GEMA has significantly increased the fees for music use at the beginning of the year. Therefore, we have to adjust the ticket prices accordingly and raise them to 28,- and 18,- Euro respectively.  
In order for the chamber concerts to continue in the future, we need you above all - dear audience: continue to remain loyal to us, experience the fantastic concerts in the Riphahn Hall and support us especially with a sponsoring membership in our non-profit supporting association. 

You can find detailed information about the sponsoring association and the possibilities of support here.

Thank you very much!

Your Tobias Kassung
(Artistic Director)



Sponsors of the chamber concerts

The Cologne Chamber Concerts at the Kunstverein take place with the support of the Cultural Office of the City of Cologne. As well as our board of trustees and supporting members of the Kölner Klassik Ensemble e.V.. From 2020-2022, the series was also funded by the Ministry of Culture and Science NRW and the RheinEnergie Stiftung Kultur. 2022 also by the Kunststiftung NRW.

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