With the help of the scholarship programme of Neustart Kultur and the German Music Council, Tobias Kassung has been able to prepare several editions of sheet music of his works ready for printing for professional stage use in the last four months. Here, some PDFs are made available for download free of charge.

As a classical guitarist and composer, one of my central artistic concerns for over 20 years has been to establish the guitar as a professional, classical chamber music instrument. A lot has happened here in the last decades. But there is still a long way to go before ensembles with classical guitar in the instrumentation are as much a part of chamber music as piano trios, wind quintets or string sextets. Above all, it needs good repertoire that knows how to play to the strengths of the guitar in an ensemble. Many of the compositions and arrangements I have made in recent years have proved very successful live. Through our numerous concerts and the CD productions, I have been able to improve the pieces again and again in practice and correct them down to the smallest detail. Unfortunately, there was no time in the daily concert routine to neatly transfer the exclusively handwritten corrections and fingerings into the notation programme and to create really perfect music scores.

Thanks to the scholarship from Neustart Kultur and the German Music Council, I have now corrected some music editions down to the smallest detail and provided them with detailed playing instructions and fingerings. First and foremost, I am pleased to finally be able to present my piece for violoncello and guitar "Capriccio à la lumière du sud", written in 2020, here as a sheet music edition.

Tobias Kassung: Capriccio à la lumière du sud, op. 16 for cello and guitar

You can find more newly completed editions of sheet music here on the website under the heading "Sheet Music" !

Please note that in the case of public performances or recordings, the composer and the title must be reported exactly to GEMA so that the royalties can be settled correctly. Only under this condition can the sheet music be made available here free of charge.

But now all musicians have fun with this piece!

A video with the Cappriccio - played by Lena Kravets and me - can be found here:


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