Despite the feeling of powerlessness in the face of the terrible war in Ukraine, we can all actively help! Our association Kölner Klassik Ensemble e.V. organizes help and funds for artists from Ukraine.

Those who would like to help in a more general way can do so by donating money or goods to the aid organization Blau-Gelbes Kreuz. On the website of the association you can always find out what and where help is most needed on a daily basis:

Wherever you see possibilities to set up housing for refugee women and children from Ukraine, please do not hesitate and become active! If you have language problems, you are welcome to contact our ensemble directly. Many of us speak Russian and are happy to help with translations, dealing with the authorities etc.

And then please all remember: Despite the massive sanctions, Putin can finance this war as long as he can sell his oil and gas. Germany, as the biggest buyer, is in first place here! We can all do our part by saving energy wherever possible. Drive less and slower, turn down the heating - at night and when you are not at home, buy less plastic packaging, install photovaltaik on your own roof, rethink your diet and eat less meat - yes, this also saves energy and actively counteracts the impending food crisis! ... All these things and much more are not difficult, we just have to get out of our old habits. In this way we actively curb climate change, we break up autocratic structures worldwide and empty Putin's war chest. If these are not good reasons!